We are Juan Pablo and David. We have been running this highly popular Airbnb sailing adventure for more than a year, the only one in Miami that’s 100% powered by the wind.
We met through our passion for the ocean and have created @SaltyMiami (lnstagram) to share the amazing experience of wind travel with others.
We’ve been sailing the Biscayne Bay for more than a decade with our STEM Youth Sailing program and have been lucky to explore many of its wonders over the years. From sandbars & mangroves to wildlife & islets and the amazing Stilstville.
We are passionate about sharing Miami’s hidden gems with our guests and would love to share this experience with you to show the natural side of Miami.
David has 22 years of sailing experience, licensed by the US Sailing Association.
Juan Pablo has 10 years of sailing experience and licensed.